Pet Sitting- Q&A

What are your credentials?

I worked in Sarasota's top AAHA Veterinary Clinic as a Veterinary Technician. I have extensive training on how to identify medical problems and how to handle nervous animals.


Will you be the only person caring for my animals?

Absolutely. I cannot vouch for the care that others may give your pets so I take sole responsibility for the care of your little fur babies.


What happens if I need to extend or shorten my trip?

Per our service agreement, I am responsible for the care of your pets during the times listed on the documents. I can only agree to lengthen or shorten visits if I am notified beforehand that it possible there may be changes. Due to the volume of care that I give, I only service one family at a time, and I would never want your trip to clash with anyone else I am caring for. If your stay is shorter than expected, I do not offer refunds.


Do you stay at my house at all times for overnight visits?

No, overnight visits are from approximately 8:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. At that time I will stay at your residence, offer feedings, bathroom breaks, play time, and complimentary cuddles! If you would like your pets let out during any other time of day, you would need to add the drop-in visits.


Do you offer drop in visits just to check on my pets?

Yes, these unfortunately cannot be scheduled with specific times,unless medically necessary visits are needed, as we handle a high volume of clients.