Private In-Home Teaching Services



Services Breakdown:

Private In-Home Teaching Grades K-12: Private teaching services may be tailored to your needs. I offer one-on-one or small group instruction for families with more than one child. I will develop and implement daily and unit lesson plans for grades K-12. I will also administer tests and evaluations as needed. I will utilize a combination of multimedia presentation, project based learning, field trips, and higher order thinking activities to teach according to the FLDOE MAFS and LAFS state standards. I will analyze student performance both short term and long term.

FLVS Assistance: Online schooling has become more popular over the years and FLVS is an excellent alternative to traditional schooling. If your child struggles with FLVS material and you would like some supplementary assistance for teaching the concepts that FLVS presents, I am available. I offer students an alternative way of learning the methods that FLVS presents, i.e. the common core methods. I understand that sometimes the common core methods can be confusing, so my objective is to teach the students material in a way that makes it easier to understand.

Saturday/ After Hours/ Special Request Appointments: If you request an appointment on Saturdays or outside of my regular business hours, there is an additional $5 charge for any service.



                                                                                                           2018/2019 PRICING SCHEDULE

                                                      Service Type                                                                                                                               Hourly Price

                                    Private In-Home Teaching Elementary                                                                                                        $45 per hour

                                       Private In Home Teaching Middle                                                                                                             $45 per hour

                                        Private In Home Teaching High                                                                                                               $45 per hour

                                              FLVS Assistance                                                                                                                                $40 per hour

If you cancel any appointment without 24 hours prior notice, you will be charged the FULL AMOUNT for service originally agreed upon.