SAT & ACT Tips & Tricks

Which test should I take?

I always recommend that students take both the SAT and ACT test to feel each out and decide which format they prefer. However, I also inform students that if you are weaker in ELA and Grammar, then the SAT is the route you would want to take. If you are an ELA guru, then you should pursue the ACT- based on the way the tests are scored.


How are the tests formatted?

The new SAT has 3 sections. 52 questions in Reading, 42 questions in Writing and Language, and 58 questions in Math. 154 total

The ACT has 4 sections. 40 questions in Reading, 75 in English, 60 in Math and 40 in Science. 215 total


How do I prepare for the exams?

Practice makes perfect. I always tell my students to give the test their all, because you really only have to take them one time and then they are over. It is always better to prepare for the exams than to take them on a whim. There are many practice test resources you can use. The best way to prepare is to work with a test prep tutor that will customize your test prep according to what your weaknesses are.


How much time should I spend preparing for the tests?

You should spend as much time as you need in order to feel comfortable when taking practice exams.


How long are your test prep sessions?

I charge hourly, but I recommend hour and a half long sessions to get as much material in before your brain goes to mush, anything longer than that is overkill!