Test Prep & College Student Services

SAT/ACT Test Dates Released

August 26th- SAT, October 7th- SAT, November 4th- SAT, December 2nd- SAT, March 10th- SAT, May 5th- SAT, June 2nd-SAT

September 9th- ACT, October 28- ACT, December 9th- ACT, February 10th- ACT, April 14th- ACT, June 9th-ACT

                                                                                                           2018/2019 PRICING SCHEDULE

                                                      Service Type                                                                                                                               Hourly Price

                                               SAT/ACT Test Prep                                                                                                                          $45 per hour

                                                 GRE Test Prep                                                                                                                               $60 per hour

                             College Preparation/ Application to Colleges                                                                                                     $30 per hour

If you cancel any appointment without 24 hours prior notice, you will be charged the FULL AMOUNT for service originally agreed upon.



Services Breakdown:


SAT/ACT Test Prep: I work to prepare your student to CRUSH the SAT & ACT tests by breaking down practice exams into sections, and working through the entirety of the practice exam, while getting one-on-one review for the subjects your child will be tested on such as ELA, Reading Comprehension, Algebra 1, Geometry, and more! The SAT and ACT tests have sections such as Math (with calculator), Math (without calculator), Reading Comprehension, Grammar, and Writing. I will work through these with your child. Your child will get a free copy of an SAT or ACT practice test, a thorough breakdown of the exam, explanations of how to interpret your score, and TONS of tips and tricks to pass the test with the highest composite score possible!

GRE Test Prep: GRE breakdown will be completed. My recommendation is that the test is broken into three sections for the Analytical Writing, Verbal Reasoning, and Quantitative Reasoning.

Saturday/ After Hours/ Special Request Appointments: If you request an appointment on Saturdays or outside of my regular business hours, there is an additional $5 charge for any service.

College Preparation/ Applying to Colleges: I have had extensive experience in helping high-school seniors apply to various college around the U.S. I can help the students fill out scholarships, fill out college applications, write statements of interest, and so forth. I can even help students to narrow down the pros and cons of attending each school so that they select the best fit for them!