Give your child the ULTIMATE academic advantage!


Sitting Pretty offers tutoring services for your struggling student. Ali understands what it's like to want the best for your child, and what it takes to help them succeed.


Ali offers tutoring for grades K- College Undergraduate students. She taught middle school science and math for two years, and she is an NTA certified professional tutor. She offers tutoring in the following subject areas: Math, Science, English Language Arts, Latin and Spanish. Ali also has experience working with English language learners and Exceptional Education Students (ESE, 504, IEP). She can act as a liaison for you, while communicating with the schools. She can also communicate with your child’s teachers on a weekly basis to monitor their progress!


Tutoring may be done at your own residence if you are within our radius, or at a local Starbucks or Panera Bread!

Summer Tutoring Availability below:


School Year Tutoring Availability below:


Saturdays; Special Request Only-$5 additional charge per hour

Sundays: None Available


If you cancel any appointment without 24 hours prior notice, you will be charged the FULL AMOUNT for service originally agreed upon.

                                                                                                           2018/2019 PRICING SCHEDULE

                                                      Service Type                                                                                                                               Hourly Price

                                       Standard Tutoring Grades K-8/ 9-12                                                                                                       $30/$35 per hour

                  Tutoring + Grade Monitoring & Teacher Communication Grades K-8/ 9-12                                                                $35/$40 per hour

                   Standard Tutoring College Undergraduates/DE/AP/IB/AICE Students                                                                        $45 per hour

Rates are per student. Discounted group rate available



Services Breakdown:

Standard Tutoring Grades K-12: This service includes implementation of an academic plan at the start of the school year. Academic goals will be determined and my job is to help to work toward meeting those goals throughout the year. I will assist in helping with any course work, re-teaching concepts previously taught in class, assistance with both small and large scale school projects, as well as assistance with implementing and maintaining organizational and study skills.

Tutoring + Grade Monitoring & Teacher Communication K-12: The above services listed for Standard Tutoring will be included. Additionally, I will be maintaining weekly communication with teachers to ensure behavior, academic performance, and teacher expectations are being met. This service is especially helpful when trying to determine what assignments may be missing, and how to complete work of any major projects.

Standard Tutoring College Undergraduates: An academic plan will be put into place. I will assist in the re-teaching of material taught in class and I will provide resources to assist in learning the material with ease.

Saturday/ After Hours/ Special Request Appointments: If you request an appointment on Saturdays or outside of my regular business hours, there is an additional $5 charge for any service.

Parent Teacher Meeting Attendance/ Academic Liaison: If you would like me to sit in on any parent teacher meetings, counselor meetings, administrative meetings, or act as a liaison on your behalf, I can do so.